I have a ton of Amazon active wear…like way too much. Most of these items/looks are representative of something I would wear to yoga, but I also run and cycle (Peloton). I always find I am more motivated when I have cute active wear. So no matter your exercise of choice, hopefully you will find some pieces that work for you.

I have 15 looks below. I am going to go ahead and let you know my top picks……

Top picks for leggings – Look 1 & 2 (same pair) and Look 5 & 6. Both pairs of leggings are such high quality and comparable to premium legging brands.

Top pick for Athletic tops – Look 1, 6, and 12 (basically the same top) and Look 7 (I have this one in 4 colors, though only 1 is pictured here). Both of these top options are the perfect length. Cropped, without being too cropped….if you know what I mean.

Look 1

Look 1 Details: Leggings. Come in 33 color options. Trues to size (i’m wearing a XS). These are one of my fave pair of Amazon leggings. They are comparable to premium brand leggings and have that “naked feeling”. They stay up while doing yoga (don’t roll down like other brands), have good compression without being too tight, and are just so good!

Yoga Top, Comes in 8 color options. Also this listing here has the same top and a few more color options. The fit is so good and is such a flattering length (not too cropped..just like I like it). Fit is true to size (wearing a small)

Look 2

Look 2 Details: Leggings, Come in 33 color options. I told you all about how wonderful thees leggings are above in look 1

Yoga top, Comes in 5 colors. Another cute top that is the perfect semi-cropped lenth. The back has fun straps and detail to add a little something extra to your workout look. Size up in this one (I’m wearing a medium).

Look 3

Look 3 Details: Leggings,Come in 4 color options. These are a “premium” Amazon Active brand and are a little more expensive than some of the other legging brands. They have so many cute options, including this pair with the mesh inserts. You could even wear these in the fall with cute booties, graphic tee and slouchy cardi. The compression is great in these. These run true to size (wearing a XS), but I would have felt comfortable going up one size since there is more compression in these.

Sports Bra, Comes in 5 colors. Fits true to size (wearing a XS). This sports bra is so fun with the one shoulder action and cut out detail.

Look 4

Look 4 Details: Leggings, Comes in 10 options (including full length and crops). These leggings are super soft and super high waisted. The matching bra is sold separately. These are true to size (wearing a xs)

Sports Bra, Comes in 10 colors. I love the front zipper detail and strappy back. I do get a little nervous doing inversions that the zipper will come down or something, but so far there have been no wardrobe malfunctions. This is seriously a cute bra whether you buy to go with the matching leggings or not. It is true to size (wearing a small)

Look 5

Look 5 Details: Leggings,Comes in 23 options. These are another pair of leggings I am super obsessed with. They are so soft, comfortable, have a perfect high waist, and the waist does not roll down white working out. I seriously need these legging in every color. And how amazing is the leopard print?!?!? These are true to size (wearing a XS).

Yoga Top, This style comes in 8 colors. This is one of my favorite yoga tops. I have it in 3 colors. I love the back detail with the fun cut outs. It is the perfect cropped length (like many of the others above). I sized up in this top, and I love the fit (wearing a size medium).

Look 6

Look 6 Details: Leggings. Comes in 23 options. These are the same leggings above that I raved about, no need to say more.

Yoga Top, This top is the same as the top in look 5, but a different listing. This listing has 10 color options in this style. There are several other cute styles on this listing. I am obsessed with this top…especially in this color. I am wearing a small here, but the medium is also a good fit. Size up to be safe.

Look 7

Look 7 Details: Leggings, 16 options, and a coupe bike short options too. These are really good quality leggings also. They are a little thicker than some of the others. I love the snake print, and all the other fabulous prints these leggings come in. I am wearing a small because they were out of the XS in this specific print. I’d say they are true to size; the small is a little big in the knees and some other areas for me (but still wearable and I do wear them to yoga frequently)

Sports Bra, 7 color options. This is my other favorite top to wear to yoga. I own this one in 4 colors. Check out the leopard one, it is so cute. This one is true to size (I am wearing a XS).

Look 8

Look 8 Details: Leggings, Comes in 18 colors. Another good pair of high waisted leggings. These have side pockets, which is always a plus. These are true to size (wearing a XS)

Sports Bra, 28 color options. This is my first Amazon sports bra and I’ve had it for 3.5 years. The quality is really good and it has the fun strappy back that gives you all the lulu vibes. I also own this bra in bright blue. This sports bra is true to size (I am wearing a small).

Look 9

Look 9 Details: Leggings, Comes in 4 colors. These are the same brand as the first pair of leggings I shared above and these are equally as amazing. I love the added detail of the ventilation holes (you can see these better in the stock photo). These are true to size (I am wearing a XS).

Sports Bra, Comes in 7 colors. Another cute sports bra with lulu vibes. I love the strappy back and it offers good support. This bra is actually the same brand as the leggings it is pictured with. They seriously make the best activewear. True to size (I am wearing the small).

Look 10

Look 10 Details: Leggings, 4 colors available. I also own these in black (sold out). These are high shine, faux leather style leggings. They can be worn for working out or as regular pants. I have worn these with a cute chunky sweater and I have also worn them to yoga. They are such a fabulous style. They are low on stock right now, but if they have your size….you have to snag a pair. These are true to size (I am wearing a XS)

Sports Bra, Comes in 7 colors. This is the same bra shown in the above look (look 9)

Look 11

Look 11 Details: Leggings, Come in 13 color options. These are another brand of leggings I really like. They often have really good sales, so I own about 6 pairs of leggings by this brand. The high shine pair in look 10 is by this brand as well. This is the first style I purchased, and I love the side pockets. And how fun is the pastel colors?!?! These are true to size (wearing a XS)

Sports Bra, Comes in 8 colors. I love the fun back to this bra and all the pretty colors it comes in. It is the same brand as the leggings I have it paired with and I actually bought them at the same time to wear as a set. The bra is true to size (I am wearing a small, but could do an XS)

Look 12

Look 12 Details: Bike Shorts, Comes in 7 options. Everyone is loving bike shorts right now. Get these for working out or for wearing under a fun graphic tee. These have great compression, making them perfect for working out. These shorts are the same brand as the leggings I shared in look 10 and 11. These run shorter than some bike shorts, but I love the length since I am a shorty. These are true to size (I am wearing the XS)

Yoga Top, 4 color options with this design. This is basically the same top shown in looks 5 and 6, just a different design on the back. It is one of my favorite styles (hence why I own 3). Trues to size, but you can also size up to be safe (I am wearing a small here, but also own this style in a medium)

Look 13

Look 13 Details: Bike Shorts, Come in 31 options. These shorts are great. I have worn these with a graphic tee, but also worn them to cycle. They have great compression. I love the side pockets too! I think I definitely need these in another print. There are just so many cute options, it is hard to choose! These are true to size, but you could totally size up and be fine (I am wearing a small)

Top, Comes in 17 colors. This top is perfect for working out, but could also be worn with cutoffs casually. Such a cute style. I sized up for length, but I would say it is true to size (wearing a small). This top was a top seller last month, so I think lots of people agree that it is a good one.

Look 14

My bikes short are sold out, but here are the legging version , Top

Look 14 Details: Unfortunately my bike shorts are sold out. I am linking to the legging version instead. I love the shiny fabric. I probably need to buy these leggings (not that I need more). These are the same premium Amazon active brand I shared in look 3 (leggings with mesh insets). These shorts are comfy too (wearing them right now as I type this). Too bad they are sold out (but let me know if you get the legging version).

Top, Comes in 13 colors. This top is so cute for working out, but again you could totally wear it as a normal crop top with shorts if your heart desires. I sized up for length. I am wearing the small, and believe it is pretty true to size.

Look 15

Look 15 Details: Shorts. Comes in 5 colors. These are the same premium Amazon brand I spoke of in look 3 (mesh insert leggings) and the last look. Honestly, I own about 10 pairs of old navy running shorts that I love, but knew I needed to get me a pair of Amazon shorts (since Amazon is my jam). These shorts are great. I wear them for running and they are perfect; light and comfortable. I sized up for length, but really should have gone with my true size (we live, we learn). Wearing an size small.

Top, Comes in 13 colors. This is the same top from look 14…so I will not repeat myself.

Whew …I am done! That is a lot of active looks!