Where to stay…

This is a tough one, because there are lots of little towns/neighborhoods within 30A. I have been twice, so I can tell you about where I have stayed and what some other options are.

Beaches / Neighborhoods of 30A include Inlet Beach, Rosemary Beach, Seacrest, Alys Beach, Watersound, Seagrove, Seaside, Watercolor, Grayton Beach…and few more as you head west towards Destin. Here is a good map to reference

Our first trip to 30A was October 2020, when the pandemic was still going strong. For that trip we opted for a private house, with a pool, in a quite area. Here is the listing. It is right in-between Alys Beach and Watersound. The pros were we had a private pool, it was a super easy walk to the beach, and it wasn’t too crowded of an area. The only con is that this location is not really walkable to any of the restaurants and shops, so plan to drive if going out (or bike).

Our last trip was July 2021, and we stayed in Seacrest. Seacrest is the perfect spot right in-between Rosemary and Alys beach, giving you tons of dining, going out, and shopping options. We were able to walk to dinner most nights. Seacrest neighborhood has an amazing community pool, and if you can find a rental right on the pool…it is a must! We vacationed with another family, so we able to split the cost and get a really amazing 4 bedroom house right on the pool. It is a little bit of a walk to the beach, but there is a trolley service if you prefer to chauffeured (I did not mind the walk). This part of 30A pretty busy, so keep that in mind. Despite the crowds, this is the area I would choose to stay if we go back.

Here are some Seacrest rental options similar to where we stayed…. Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Private Pool at our rental October 2020

Where to Eat / Drink

There are tons of dining options throughout 30A. Here are some of the places we dined and enjoyed.

La Crema Tapas & Chocolate – Chocolate Fondue for dessert, need I say more! Everything we had here was really yummy, and the cocktails were good too. They also have a decent kids menu. We got lots of food and shared. I tried the Brussel sprouts, Piquillo Peppers, Cheese Fondue, Veggie paella, and Chocolate Fondue.

Cowgirl Kitchen – There are 2 locations. One in Rosemary, one in Seagrove. Its a pretty good taco and pizza restaurant. I got the veggie tacos and a marg!

George’s At Alys Beach – I did not eat here, but my friend that we vacationed with loves this place. So take her word for it! The menu is very seafood heavy, and being a vegetarian…not my thing. But since there are lots of Seafood lovers out there I wanted to share it anyways.

The Citizen – This is the one place I was dying to eat on our trip. I ended up getting sick and having to go home before we ordered, but everyone else loved it. I was planning on ordering the Roasted Carrot Hummus and Madras Curry Cauliflower. I guess there is always next time!

Standing outside The Citizen about 20 minutes before I was soaked by the rain

Raw & Juicy – I’m obsessed with this place. I could eat here every day. Plus they have small smoothies for the kiddos, and a playground out back. Everything is pretty healthy and vegan….but they serve wine too. The menu in the restaurant is much larger then what you will find online. They close daily at 5pm, we would go at 4:30pm and grab food for dinner. I tried the Brussel sprouts and lentil beet burger. So good!

The Hub – The Hub is like an outdoor food court with several dining options. I got a salad at the Mexican spot, Macho Taco. Jonathan got BBQ from Local smoke. There is also a bar there where you can get fun cocktails. The night we went there was live music, and all the kids were on stage dancing and having a blast. You can check here for what is going on at The Hub each night. (Note….by salad was average, but the its a cool spot to check out even if the food isn’t amazing)

Enjoying Snow Cones at The Hub
Night out at The Hub

Seaside Airstream Food Trucks – Seaside beach has a really cute area with airstream food trucks setup. We went here during our first visit. I am pretty sure I got a falafel wrap and Sienna got a grilled cheese sandwich. There are lots of options to choose from, and just a cute area to hang out in and walk around. There are several little shops too.

Hanging out in Seaside (some of the Airstream Food trucks are behind me)

Havana Rooftop Bar at The Pearl – Go to the Pearl to get a photo on their rooftop and a Frose. We stopped her for cocktails prior to dinner at La Crema. Most restaurants will have a wait, so this is the perfect spot to grab a drink while you wait.

The Pearl Rooftop, such a good photo op!

Grayton Beer Brewpub – We went here for snacks and beers. If you like breweries and trying new beers, this place is great! I got the beer cheese dip and a 30A Rosé Gose to drink.

Breakfast options…

Donut Hole – This place is super popular and has every breakffast option imaginable. If you are wild and like to have breakfast for dinner…apparently it is less busy in the evening. Jonathan picked donuts up from here and brought them back to the rental.

Charlie’s Donut & Yogurt Truck – The kids love this place. My friends took Sienna and their kids there for breakfast one morning. I am not a breakfast or donut person, but if you are…I would check this place out.

Things to Do

Go to the beach or pool – This is pretty much the number one reason to go to 30A….or really the only reason.

Seacrest Community Pool with my faves!

Rent Bikes – Some of the home rentals come with bikes. If your rental does not, there are several places to rent them. There are bike / running baths running through 30A, so bikes can be a fun way to venture out for lunch or dinner.

Visit other neighborhoods – For example, if you are staying in Rosemary, visit Seaside. Speaking of Seaside….Seaside, FL is where the Truman Show was filmed. If you are old enough to remember that movie, all the house are super cute and colorful. It is a definitely a fun place to check out.

Go watch for Dolphins. My friends would take morning walks on the beach to watch for dolphins. I have seen a dolphin before, so I opted to stay in and work on blogging stuff. I am so much fun 😉

Exercise options

Run/walk/bike on the 30A bike path. I ran on this path each day.

Yoga – I did yoga at Myst30A twice while on the trip. I am pretty picky about my yoga, and this was decent. I did the morning “Hot Yoga” classes. They also offer gentle yoga, yoga sculpt, and barre

Rosemary Beach has a fitness center, If you are staying in Rosemary beach, it may be included with your stay. Else, it is $25 for a day pass. My friend went here and used the rowing machine.

Other Tips:

Beach Chairs and Umbrellas – If you plan on going to the beach, you can pre-book beach chairs and Umbrellas. During busy season, you will want to do this well in advance. We rented ours through La Dolce Vita. The stairs to get down to the beach are steep, so you are not going to want to lug your own beach setup. We booked our chairs about 1.5 months before our trip. Since we were going July 4th week, we had to do it well in advance. They setup the chair each day based on when you book…and we ended being in the 4th row. So sooner you book…the better.

Beach Chairs and Umbrellas are a must! Reserve online!

Dinner Reservations – Most places do not accept dinner reservations, but you can put your name on a list. Get to the restaurant right when they open to get your name in, else you could be waiting all night.

Open Container – You can grab to-go drinks here and walk around. If you do have a long wait at a restaurant, grab a drink and go for a stroll.

Alright…that is all I have got! Enjoy your trip!