I love this dress so much, I bought it twice. I have a 50% off code, plus a 5% coupon. I also found this dress on sale from another seller (same company) for 40% off…so if you can’t find an option with the first link, try the other link. Confusing?!?!? I hope not 🙂

Please note: there are color /size combo restrictions, so please refer to the deal list I am linking to for what options are applicable.

50% off EXACT dress (Zesica) , + has a 5% coupon code. Use code 50LKYGOC. Expires 6/30- Click Here

40% off same dress from a different seller (Merokeety), + has a $3 coupon. Use code 401NJAHK. Expires 6/30. Click Here

I am wearing a size small and it fit true to size IMO