1. Shacket – Everyone has gone shacket crazy! This corduroy one is still one of my faves and an easy way to try the trend
2. Fun Tote – This comes in several options and is such a roomy tote. I purchased mine over the summer and use it frequently
3. Cozy Slippers – These Ugg look-a-likes are equally as cute, but will save you a pretty penny or two (do people still say that???) I have these and love them!
4. Comfy Fleece – Its getting chilly out there! Who wouldn’t love this cute and cozy fleece to warm em right up
5. Their Fave Candle – Option 1, Option 2. If you don’t know their fave candle…then get the Capri Blue. Pretty much everyone and their mom is obsessed with it
6. Polaroid Camera – These little cameras are so fun. I have a pink one I used to take my baby bump photos back in the day
7. Corkcicle wine glass – I don’t even feel like I need to explain this one. If your girl likes wine, she will love this!
8. Name Necklace – I’m constantly finding cute name necklaces on deal. Snag one for your fave gal. If you don’t dig the who name necklace trend, then these Lock necklaces are also a super cute idea and really popular right now
9. Chunky Sweater – 99% of the female population is chunky sweater obsessed. I don’t make these stats up
10. Fuzzy Leopard blanket – If you love your friend, but not enough to get them a barefoot dreams blanket….this is a good affordable option. And it’s leopard, so bonus points there
11. Earrings – I had these grouped in with the necklaces as a “jewelry” category, but I don’t do 13’s….so I broke these out to have 14 items on this gift guide. Neurotic or brilliant…you decide. These are one of my fave pairs, but sadly I can’t find them right now. Buy them for a friend and make me jealous.
12. Furry Mules – I love these so much that I bought 1 pair last year, and a new pair this year. That way I have a more worn pair for wearing around the house and running errands….and then a shiny new pair for when I want to look cute (but in a laid back way). They are seriously the comfiest too
13. Fun Masks – I love these masks, and they are super affordable. They also make great stocking stuffers. What a great way to say “I love you and want you to look cute, but please don’t give me any funky germs”
14. Cute Pj set – I’ve been finding several PJ sets on promo, and they also make cute and easy gifts. We are staying home more, so we might as well be comfy and cute while doing it!

Alright! That’s it! I will be sharing move gift guides over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

You can also view most of this guide in my Amazon storefront HERE