I’m not a Dad…but I am married to one and have one, so I wanted to share some gift ideas for Father’s Day. In case you are not aware, since time has been basically standing still for the past 3 months, Father’s Day is next Sunday June 21st. I threw together this Guide to help with your shopping needs. I have purchased several of these items for my husband in the past. He seems to like like them, or at lest pretends to. All items can be found on Amazon…because seriously, where else would I shop for the men in my life.

1 – Nacho Average dad Mug – Because all dad’s love a good pun!

2- What I Love About Dad Book – My husband had my daughter fill out the Mom version of this book for Mother’s Day and it was super cute! I promise!

3- Made for Me Book – This is a really sweet book for a dad to read to their small child. I got this for my husband for his 2nd Father”s day and my daughter still loves for him to read it to her.

4- Retro Cooler – This cooler does exactly what it is suppose to do for way less than a Yeti. It also has a cool retro look that I love. I bought this for my husband a few years back.

5 – Stainless Steal Growler – If the Dad is your life loves beer, this is a really fun gift. If you like beer, then this gift will be fun for you too. Fill it up at a local brewery and enjoy at home!

6 – Heart Waffle Maker – Nothing says “I love you Dad” quite like heart shaped waffles for Breakfast.

7 – Fun Printed Shirt – This Shirt comes in a ton of fun prints. I am loving the Popsicle one!

8 – Leather Flip Flops – It is almost summer….let Dad show off those toes!

9 – Grilling Spices – 99% of Dad’s are self proclaimed grill masters. I don’t make these stats up, I promise. Help him up his grill game with these fun spices.

10 – Swim Trunks – These pineapple swim trucks are for the fun dad. Maybe Dad is not so fun….but buy him these shorts and watch him transform to the coolest guy on the beach

11 – Freezer Chilled Beer Glasses – One for him, one for you…because Dad doesn’t get to have all the fun. These keep Dad’s beer cold for longer, because no one likes a warm beer.

12 – Mini Donut Maker – Because a regular size donut maker would be too over the top

13 – Comfy Jersey Shorts – Us ladies have been loving our comfies over the last few months, and I am guessing the men in our lives are super jealous of all our cute new lounge wear. Let Dad know he can be cute and comfy too.

14 – Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Not to be confused with number 5 above. Though they look almost identical, this Growler will make Dad Cold Brew Coffee….which is probably his second favorite beverage, right after beer.

15 – New Sneakers– Because chances are you have to be seen with Dad in public, so you want to keep him looking stylish. Plus chances are these are super comfy (based on my recent experiences with Adidas sneaks).