I am usually a last-minute, throw-a-random-Halloween-costume-on kind of girl. Since I am a low-maintenance Halloweener, I will be sharing super easy costumes you can recreate (and have in 2 days with Amazon shipping)

Starting with ideas I shared last year…

Witch Look 2

This is basically the same look to the left, but I have switched out the leggings for faux leather shorts and tights.
Faux leather shorts, fun tights, boots, Tee option 1, Tee option 2, Tee option 3, similar witch hat, witch cloak/cape, broom

Super Simple Cat Outfit

All you really need is the “I’m a cat” sweatshirt and you are good to go. The sweatshirt has built in ears.
Sweatshirt, Faux Leather leggings, Knee Boots

Emily in Paris (where is season 2???)

Maybe stop by the grocery store and grab a croissant or loaf of french bread to carry around too.
Beret, Similar Dress

Basic Blogger

First you need to get a Starbucks drink (or cup and fill with your own coffee later). Then throw on an outfit you see all the bloggers wearing. Bloggers love fall, so this look will probably still work for 2022.
Hat, Plaid Shirt, Knee Boots , similar corduroy skirt

Running From 2021

This was an idea from last year, so instead you could be running from 2022 which has also been a crap year, or running from the pandemic. You can pretty much be running from anything you don’t like….
shorts, tank, sneakers

Other Outfit Ideas…

Cooking with Paris

If you did not watch this show, I found it highly entertaining. Paris may not be for everyone, but I’ve always been a huge fan. Anyone who cooks in designer gloves is a yes for me!

Cooking With Paris | Netflix Official Site
Eggy disappointment': I made the recipes from Paris Hilton's Netflix show ' Cooking with Paris'
JIASLY Blonde wig For Women Synthetic Hair Long Straight Wigs Free Wig Cap 24 Inches
Long blonde wig (if you don’t have long blonde hair already)
Plain apron that you can add a “That’s Hot” graphic too using an iron-on or paint stencil.
Or try this customizable apron

Then just add a designer inspired dress, some fun sunnies, and anything to be over the top!


Buy this dress, wear and say you are a rainbow. Easy enough!

Sandy from Greece

I hope you have seen this movie and you know who she is!

grease on Tumblr | Grease movie, Good movies, Movies

Or you can always just buy yourself the full costume (but I am guessing you already have some of the above items in your closet)


Because who wouldn’t want to be a tasty burrito???? Plus this is the easiest costume ever…..

Option 1 – Wrap yourself in this burrito blanket and call it a day
If the blanket is too much work, this burrito shirt does the trick. This is my kind of costume!
And if you want to take it up a notch…this Burrito costume is pretty amazing!

Free Britney Activist

Not motivated enough to actually be Britney Spears for Halloween, but you still want to show your girl some support….

Brittany Spears

There are lots of versions of Britney Spears you can be. Watch the Ginny & Georgia Halloween episode (episode 5) if you want to be inspired. I am going to recreate the OG “Hit Me Baby One More Time” outfit.

Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time (Version 3) (HD) - YouTube
Grey Cardi (if you don’t already have one of these in your closet)
Black Pleated skirt. I have this one in white and its a good one. Super affordable too. Size up 1 size.
White button up. You probably already have this in your closet too, if not…I have this one and it’s a good one. TTS.
Black Mary Janes. You can get away with wearing any black shoes…but these are good for the full school girl look

Now all you need is some dance moves!


Why??? Because this is easy and I love my red faux leather leggings shown below.

Red Faux Leather Leggings. I have these and they are amazing. They even have a faint snake print, making you one cool devil
Top option 1. Get the matching yoga top to the leggings. When Halloween is over, wear it to work out. Win Win
Top Option 2. Wear this off shoulder option instead. Equally as cute with a little more coverage
Devil Horns. Amazon has tons of options, depending on how devilish you want to be
Pitch Fork. This not required….but if you want to add a little more to the costume
Maybe add a red boa, because why the heck not. Be a fancy AF devil.

Devil Wear Prada

Wear the outfit above, and just add Prada accessories. I would only do this if you already have Prada stuff lying around.

Prada Tessuto Nylon Black Camera Bag Crossbody 1BH089
Just for inspiration…Prada Bag

13 Going on 30

Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink in the Famous 13 Going on 30 Dress | Shop the  13 Going on 30 Dress on Amazon | TikTok Trend | POPSUGAR Fashion UK Photo 2

Can you believe Amazon has the 13 going on 30 dress for under $20, officially making this the best and easiest costume of 2021???

Baywatch Cast Member and/or Life Guard

If you are dying to channel you inner CJ Parker…

Bae Watch swimsuit is perfect to fulfill your life long dream of being a life guard. And it is under $20!!!!
Because every lifeguard needs a whistle

Tennis Player

Raise your hand if you did not buy a tennis skirt this year? I’m waiting….

Anyway, make use of that trendy skirt your purchased and wear it for Halloween too. Chances are you may already have a tennis racket laying around too.

Tennis Skirt option 1. I own this under $20 one. Size up 1 size
Tennis Skit Option 2. I also own this one (in different color). It fits true to size and is really good quality.
Top option 1- Wear this crop top for a collared shirt look
Top option 2 – Wear a cute and affordable active tank. You probably already have a handful of these already!
Top option 3. Tennis inspired sweater. You can totally tie this around your shoulders too.
Another Cute tennis socks option
Tennis Racket. If you don’t already have one, I would try to just borrow one instead of buying.

Bachelor in Paradise (BIP) Queen Victoria, now as a Goddess

Fashion Details from Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Week 1 - E! Online - CA

Now that you have your Goddess crown, to complete the BIP Victoria look just add a sparkly dress or bikini…..and a little bit (or a lot) of sass.

Amazon Costumes

And if all else fails, Amazon has costumes where you have to do little or no work. Here are some of my favorites.