UPDATE: The 20% promo has been removed since posting. I would add to cart and watch…and it is likely to come back.

Soft Air Essentials Material Romper – 50% off (20% on listing promo and 30% coupon), under $20. Use code WMAGRYYP. The promo and coupons can be removed at any time so snag fast! It comes in 14 fabulous color options! Wearing a size small, I would go true to size. Click below to shop.

Romper | Sandals

My sandals I was wearing in the reel also have a promo! They are a great Steve Madden Look for Less. 31% off (21% promo, +10% coupon), under $30. Use code 21NQAEFP. Promo expires 5/12 at midnight PDT. Click below to shop.