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Fall Fashion Reel

Lounge Set – 10/27

My lounge set has been marked down 60% and has a 10% promo, making it under $13. The promo is on the listing. If you do not see it under the price when you select the color and size, then it has been removed. Code = Q7D2LQBMBKH0. This deal can end at any time, so …

Fall Fashion Reel

Lounge Set – 10/24

My lounge set is so cute and comfy! It is currently 45% off (30% promo, + 15% coupon). Use promo code 30FIAGEI. Promo expires 10/28 at midnight PST. Please note, the coupon can be removed at any time. I am wearing a size small, and find it fits true to size. You can also wear …