In case you missed it, last week I broadcasted live on my favorite website (aka Amazon), sharing some of my favorite “stay home” styles.

First things first….how did this even happen??? I am still dying to know, but the Amazon team reached out to me. Amazon Fashion Live is a new-ish program they launched and they are currently in the “Beta” phase. I first started seeing a couple girls I know doing this late last year, but I never thought it would be something I would have the opportunity to do. When they reached out, I was really excited…but had a lot of questions too.

When deciding whether or not to be part of the program, my two concerns were time and nerves. I am already spread pretty thin with all the things I am juggling (work, daughter, yoga, blogging..), so I was worried about finding the time. I am thankful I have a supportive husband to help me out…but still. And then nerves. I am sure I am in the majority when I say public speaking is not my thing. When I do my try ons on instagram…the phone is mostly in front of my face, and I have the power to delete and start over at anytime.

Ultimately, I decided this was an opportunity I could not pass up.

I have a ton of ideas on themes for these Lives, but decided to keep the first one simple. I shared cute and comfy dresses, rompers and a jumpsuit. The idea was that all pieces were comfy enough to wear now, but can easily transition into the post “stay at home” phase. If you are going to spend money on new stuff, make sure you are buying items that you can continue to wear out….like to the office or to a patio to sip (or chug) margs.

What did I learn?

1- If you set your time at 7pm, the app starts up and starts recording at 7pm. I was a little surprised when the broadcast first started and my phone camera angle was not quite ready yet

2- Wearing heart sunglasses to kick off a live, does help ease the nerves. You also look a little ridiculous…..but whatever.

3- I was super nervous when I first kicked it off, but the longer I talked, the better I felt. I think after I do more of these, I’ll start feeling more comfortable. Practice makes perfect…or something like that.

4- I was going back and forth on whether I would change outfits during the live or just share items. By changing clothes, I was able to keep the live going for longer. I think I will continue to do outfit changes in the future, but I need to make sure I have my whole “Out of office” sign process down before the next one. Insider info….I made a sign to put up for when I was changing. I taped it to a tripod, but it was still too short for the camera angle. To get the right height, I had yoga blocks to balance the tripod/sign on top of. Hence the issues with getting the sign into the correct position (the surface area of the yoga blocks is not huge).

5- I need to stand a little closer to the camera.

So what’s next???? We will see! I plan on doing another one soon, but I am waiting to resolve a couple account things.

Did you watch? Any feedback? What are some things you would like to see me share during these Lives? Should I wear the heart sunglasses in my next one?

If you missed it, you can still watch my first Amazon Live here – Sara’s First Amazon Live