I did a fun collab with some ladies a few weeks back and we each shared what is getting us through quarantine. At the time, my blog was not ready…so there is no time like the present to to re-share my fun quarantine essentials!

First – A new pool. These fabulous pools are pretty much sold out at this point…..and for good reason. This is the closest most of us are going to get to a vacay for a while and a great way to entertain little ones. I’m not sure why we waited till Quarantine to buy one of these, but I am really glad we did.

And no pool is complete without a unicorn float!

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2 – Snacks. We are all eating too many snacks in quarantine. Prior to all this, I would work from home at our dining room table. I knew that setup would put me too close to the kitchen and would not be an ideal long term work from home plan. To minimize my snacking, I setup in our guest room…(which turns out is still not far enough away). So if I am going to eat all the snacks, they might as well be “healthy”.

Bada Beans – These crunchy snacks come in several flavor options. My favorite is sweet sriracha, but I am pretty much obsessed with all of them. A snack bag is only 100-110 calories, so that makes it acceptable to eat 3 a day…right?

Smart Sweets – No, they don’t make you smart (I wish), but they help with sugar cravings , only have 3g of sugar, and around 80 calories (depending on the flavor). My favorites are the peach rings and gummy fish. All options except the bears are vegan too (if you care about that sort of stuff).

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3 – Comfy lounge sets (that are also cute). I don’t think this one really needs an explanation. We have all stocked up on lounge wear over the past couple months. I am loving the whole matchy matchy short / sweatshirt combo. Here is one of my fave sets (sold separately).

Sweatshirt /////////////////////// Shorts

4 – Yard games, like Yardzee. During quarantine we have been trying to spend as much time outside as possible (weather permitting). We love our daily walks and hanging out in our backyard. My daughter requests daily Easter egg hunts and likes to make us backyard, “homemade pies” that consist of leaves and grass. I purchased Yardzee as something else fun we could do together outdoors. A 4 year old is not necessarily the best at understanding the Yahtzee rules, but she is really good at rolling dice. When this is all over, it will also be something to fun to play with friends….maybe while enjoying a few adult beverages.

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5 – My trusty tumbler. Ok, I’ve mentioned our walks. We take a lot of them. And on most of these walks, I take my tumbler (gotta stay hydrated). During the weekends you are likely to find a Spiked Seltzer Water or Vodka Soda in mine. My exact tumbler comes in a 4 pack, so you can share with your family (or just keep them all to yourself, no judgement)

Carrying my tumbler!
4 Pack Classic Tumbler Stainless Steel Double-Insulated Water Tumbler Cup with Lid and Straw Vacuum Travel Mug Gift with Cleaning Brush (Rose Gold, 20 oz)
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That’s all I’ve got! I hope you are finding ways to stay sane during quarantine. And if not, my pool is large enough for one more 🙂

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