Ideas For the Ladies:

1-Monogram Mug – Also a good gift on it’s own, filled with fun goodies or a gift card.

2-Wearable Nail Polish Holder – Such a cute idea. I would still probably make a mess though.

3-Cactus Room Diffuser – I have this for my office and not only is it adorable, is smells so so good

4-Diamond Dazzle Stick – I also have one of these but can’t seem to find it (story of my life). This little stick works magic in making your ring look all sparkly

5-Teleties – Keep you ponytail high (like your standards). These are my absolute fave ponytail holder. I have thick hair and these keep my ponytails secure while working out!

6-Champagne Cocktail kit – Cause we ladies love Champagne and this little set is too cute

7-Lip Plumping Jelly – Get 25% off with ADDICTEDTO2DAYSHIPPING. BabeLash just released a new red color, and its so good!

Ideas For the Gents:

8-Keychain Multi-Tool -Bottle Opener – Screwdriver – Cord Cutter – Box Opener – Scoring Tool – Hex Bit Driver – Wrench x 3 – Ruler) TSA Friendly, Keyport Pivot Compatible. All this and it is TSA friendly

9-RFID blocking wallet – For the man who does not like big bulky wallets. Plus it’s Herschael and their stuff is such good quality

10-Pocket Corkscrew – Give this to gent who loves his wine, or loves opening wine for his lady

11-Fun Socks – These pizza socks are so fun! The box they come in may be too big for the stocking, but you get the point

12-Magnetic Collar Stays – I get so annoyed finding the plastic collar stays all over the laundry room….solve that problem with these magnetic reusuable ones

13-Beer Chillers – May his beer be cold, unlike his heart

14-Alligator Lime Squeezers – How could i resist these silly lime squeezers….he’ll probably get a kick out of them too

15-Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit – If he likes his drinks like he likes his women….strong and old fashioned (ok..that was a stretch, but you get it)

Ideas For the All:

1-Smart Sweets – Use code ADDICTEDTO2DAYSHIPPING10 for 10% off. These low sugar, low calorie treats are so yummy. My daughter loves them, I love them…you will too. My faves are the peach rings and watermelon.

2-Liquid IV – Use my code anytime for 25% off ADDICTEDTO2DAYSHIPPING25. They are currently running a special where if you use my code you get 30% off and a free “Hydrated AF” tumbler.

3-Portable Charger – These fit nicely in a purse or pocket. A perfect stocking stuffer for someone who is always on their phone…

4-Reusable Travel Cutlery – This set is really cute. Fun for a picnic, air travel, or if you just like having your own set of cutlery

5-Charging Cables – I don’t know about you….but I am always loosing these.

6-Tile Bluetooth Tracker – These little trackers are great for the person always loosing their wallet, keys, or mind…

7-Knit Hat – This hat is great for men and women. I liked it so much, I bought 3

8-Collapsible Travel Cup – How nifty is this cup that collapses and can fit in your back pocket….

9-Reusable Straw – I am apparently all about the reusable stuff today, but these straws are awesome and come with a cute carrying case

10-Poo-Pourri – I don’t think I have to explain. You may think you sh*t don’t stink….but it does

11-Webcam Covers – If you have accidently had your camera on during a meeting and did not know it….you know these things are a life saver. Avoid embarrassing moments….and keep your job

12-Hand Sanitizer – This is a given….keep you hands clean and help limit the spread of yucky germs