See this complete Guide plus some extras….HERE

1-Wine Glass Markers – The wine glass markers are too cute and also make great stocking stuffers. We have this Koala set.

2-Wine Decanter – This specific one is Amazon choice and currently 30% off. Gotta let that wine decant, girl. By decanting, the increased oxygen exposure allows the wines fruit and floral aromas to come out, improving the taste of the wine.

3-Stainless Steal Copper Wine Glasses – I just like the way these look. I don’t own them, but if anyone wants to buy me a pair…. (plus they won’t break like all our other wine glasses)

4-Indoor/Outdoor Wine glasses – I got these as a gift for Mother’s day and love them. I can’t find the purple one which makes me really sad. I’m guess my daughter has something to do with that, seeing that purple is her fave color

5-Wine Aerator Pourer – If your friend is super into wine, they likely have one of these, but if not..this is a must have. This one is highly rated and a #1 seller in Amazon wine accessories

6-Electric Wine Opener – Make their life easier with this electric wine opener….which happens to be the only way I know how to open wine (unless it is a screw top)

7-Simple Modern Wine Bundle– This set is too cute and everyone needs insulated wine cups. Other good options include BruMate or Corkcicle

8-Wine Cooler – Holds 4 bottle. That should be enough bottles to get them through their picnic, tailgate, or child’s soccer game

9-Wine Coffee Table Book – Because why not?!?!?

10-Cheese Board – Everyone knows wine is always better when paired with cheese! This cheese board is really nice, and comes with a cheese knife set and bowls.

11-Wine Cooler Fridge – This is a pretty big purchase, so make sure 1) They don’t already have one and 2)You really like this person

12-Cork Holder– Some people collect baseball cards, coins, seashells, discount clothing….wine lovers collect corks (and wine). These comes in different forms. We have a cute bird cage one, but I love this globe one too

13-Tasting Room Wine Tasting Kit (followed by a box of wine) – Sorry, I don’t have a special code for this, but my husband did this for me for Mother’s day. I got 6 small bottles of wine to try, rated each bottle, then the Tasting room sent me 6 bottles of wine based on my ratings. I am not sure what it costs…but whatever, it’s Christmas

14-Wine Condoms – These are just a fun version of a wine stopper. I am sure you get how they work. These make good stocking stuffers.

15-Wine Coloring Book – Just imagine drinking a bottle of wine while coloring in a wine themed coloring book! Sounds like my kind of Saturday night and the chance at some really artistic wine pics