Stumped for gift ideas for the favorite Dad in your life? Here are a couple gift guides. All items on this list were personally picked out and approved by Mr. Addictedto2dayshipping himself (who happens to be my favorite Dad). Enjoy!

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  • Meat and Pepper Gourmet Brisket Beef Jerky Pepper Connoisseur Series (set of 5 jerkies) – I had my husband do a taste test with this jerky. He is a pretty big wimp, so preferred the level 1 and 2 flavors. The set comes with 5 jerky flavors, ranging from mild spice (Cracked Pepper), escalating all the way to the Carolina Reaper flavor which has up to 2,200,000 Scoville units. Now that sounds spicy! I shared with my neighbors who have a high spice tolerance, and they were obsessed. The jerky is pretty low in sugar and apparently really delicious (i am a vegetarian, so did not partake).
  • Whiskey Cocktail Kit – Need I say more? Maybe you can even do Dad a solid and whip up a whiskey cocktail for him using this kit!
  • Smokeless Fire Pit – My husband bought one of these around Christmas. Great for hanging outdoors during the chilly months. We even used it to make smores!
  • Hot Sauce Making Kit – If your fave Dad is a little spicy! Or of course, if he likes hot sauce, this is a fun gift.
  • Amazon Brand button down – This is a really good Amazon brand shirt. Everything is really good quality. My husband has this one, go true to size.
  • Hoodie – This is my husband’s favorite hoodie. he has grey and black. great for all the work from home comfy vibes
  • Swim trunks – Hopefully we all get a beach trip this summer…we deserve it after 2020. These are a really good Amazon brand, and come in some fun options
  • Sunglasses – These are from my favorite Amazon sunglasses brand. They are super affordable and on trend, and you won’t be too heart broken if they get lost in the ocean (my husband every year)
  • Dash Cam – My husband explained these are good if you are in an accident or want to do some fun driving and film it (he recently got a jeep….so maybe that’s why this popped up on the list)
  • Bite relief suction tool – I’ve seen these on TikTok, but I don’t think that is where my husband got the idea. No one likes bug bites…it’s that simple.
  • Foot Massager – Get your husband or Dad this foot massager…that way you don’t have to do it. Win win
  • Because I’m Your Dad Book – This book is so cute, especially for dad’s with young kids. I got this for my husband a few years ago, and my daughter still loves for him to read it to her. Awwwwww!
  • Hose/Sprinkler Timer – This is a good alternative to an installed sprinkler system (and way way cheaper). My husband has one, and has run hoses under pine straw where they are not visible, so has a sprinkler system setup year round. So fancy!