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Scottsdale, AZ Weekend Itinerary

The last Bachlorette weekend I attended was in February, 2020 in Scottsdale, AZ. This is right before the world got all crazy….but the good news is, it looks like all the places below are still open! This was a group of girls ranging from early 30’s to early 40’s with various interests, but I think …


San Juan Travel Guide

Getting there in 2021 (Post Pandemic considerations) Puerto Rico is part of the US, so the process of getting into and leaving is a little less challenging than some vacay hotspots right now. To visit San Juan you must either have had the vaccine or had a negative covid test in the last 72 hours. …


Amelia Island Travel Guide

We just returned from our Amelia Island (Fernandina Beach) trip. This was our second time visiting this beach. Prior to the pandemic, my family did not do too many driving trips, and would typically choose to visit places with a mix of activities (not just lazy beach days). In 2020, we took 3 “social distance” …